Volume Twenty-Two

No. 1


January 1981



The Annual Meeting of the Batavia Historical Society will be held on Sunday, January 11, 1981 at 2 p.m. at the Holmstad Retirement Center, 520 West Fabyan Parkway, in Batavia.  The meeting will be held at the 3-story building on Fabyan Parkway across from the Campana plant parking lot.  


Members should use the main entrance to the complex which is found in about the center of the 3-story structure facing on Fabyan Parkway.  The entrance doors should be very easy for members to use as a large roof overhang provides a canopy over a drive-up area.  


Meeting agenda is as follows:


A.  A short business meeting which will include a report from the Nominating Committee for the Election of Officers for 1981.


B.  "Batavia Our Town" will be the title of a very special program.  A number of slides will be shown of various Batavia places and things.  Several members from the Society, and hopefully members from the audience, will offer comments and remembrances about the views to be shown.  Members of the Holmstad Community are being invited to attend our meeting and to learn more about the community they now call home.  We feel certain that many of the Holmstad residents, along with our own members, will enjoy the views of Batavia and the memories they bring.  Several of the older photographs found in our Depot files have been copied onto slides for showing at the Sunday meeting.


C.  Refreshments (prepared by the Holmstad) and a social hour will conclude what promises to be an interesting meeting. If you have never been to the Holmstad Retirement Center before we strongly urge you to attend Sunday's meeting and see one of the bright new attractions of Batavia Community Life firsthand.

As an added bonus to attending on Sunday, we have hopes that the new edition of HISTORIC BATAVIA may see it's first sales at Sunday's meeting.  While we are not making any firm promises that we will have the book on Sunday, we are entertaining a strong glimmer of hope that Sunday may mark the debut of the book.